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I want to thank all of you who have shared your stories with me. I treasure them all. I am humbled and amazed at how the Lord uses my music and testimony to bring hope and encouragement to those who listen. If you have a story that you would like to share, please contact me through the Contact page. The Lord bless you all and thank you for your encouraging and uplifting words!

It's my ritual to have the Bless The Day CD in my player as I get ready for work. It reminds me how sovereign our God is, and how blessed I am to know him! Thank you for appreciating and using your talent.

Thank you soooooo much for getting the CD order to me. I gave the new one to my mom, who instantly RAVED about every song. My husband loves the Bless the Day CD. His favorite song is "I'll Pray You On Your Way". If there is anything I can do here (in Florida) for you, let me know. Your music is so inspirational, I feel guilty keeping it all to myself!
Ormond Beach, FL

I am writing to tell you how much I am blessed by your music. When I first saw you I was so touched by your presence and kindness that I just wanted to tell you how much your music has helped me through some really tough times. I have learned to listen for God's will to be done and gained peace of mind and comfort from your songs. Your music reminds me that God is in control and to trust in him for whatever will come. Thank you!
Minneapolis, MN

Lana, I read your book as soon as it arrived...thank you for reaching out to so many...I'm already sharing it with others.
Columbia, South Carolina

My daughter wasn't excited to purchase a CD of Christian music, but since she purchased yours last Sunday she has played it daily. She had two friends over and she immediately showed them your CD and they sat in her room listening to it while doing activities. One time they even had the words out to your songs and they were singing along. She also brought the CD to school to share with her classmates---all were excited and read your story inside the cover.

I am used to hearing Hillary Duff and Britney Spears coming from her room. I feel blessed to have your CD in my daughter's life.
Minneapolis, MN

Your CD has truly been a blessing in my life. When I first got it I kept it at the office and would put it in after a hectic day. A little time later, my Father's health started declining. Your CD gave me a lot of strength during a difficult time. At my Father's celebration of life service we concluded with "Great is thy Faithfulness". Your singing of this hymn is like none other. It is just awesome. I say thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with me, my family, and friends. You have enriched my life.
Nashville, TN

A while go it was a Sunday at my Grandmother's church and I was falling asleep in my seat. Then I heard Mark singing "Welcome Home". It was the sound of heaven. When I looked in the front of the church I was instantly wide awake. His voice made me want to laugh, scream and cry all at once. I was paralyzed by his voice. I watched and listened without blinking. The only thing I could think of from that day on was his music. I no longer need any other CD than Reality.

Even though Mark doesn't go to my church every Sunday, I now want to go. I have changed, and for the first time in my life it is for the better. I want to thank Mark for bringing heaven here on earth. I can't thank you enough, Mark, you have helped me with so much you don't even realize it.
Minneapolis, MN

Some artists always seem to produce CD's that are great in entirety. I really liked Bless The Day the first time through. I didn't need that warm-up period that you sometimes need with some music where you have to hear it a few times before you like it. "I'll Pray You On Your Way" stood out, and so did "After A Fall", but my possible favorite is "Fade"---I just really love that one. We wish you the greatest blessings on this project!
Brooklyn Center, MN

My friend and I have boys that are in the Navy. They came back safe from Iraq, but it was such a long ordeal with a lot of wondering and hoping to get them back safe. Our boys just got sent to California and when my friend heard "I'll Pray You On Your Way" she had to share it with me. It brought tears out because we are sitting and wondering how they are making out on their new adventure. Thank you so much because I have shared it with another woman who has a husband in Iraq and she says it has blessed her also.
Minneapolis, MN

Thank you for coming to North Heights to share your wonderful voice with us. The images of the car accident and your horrible injuries are very sobering. What really impressed me was that during the time when you could not communicate with anybody, you were able to communicate with God. Two years ago I had surgery and when I came out of the anesthesia, I said a prayer over and over both in my mind and by whispering the prayer and I felt God's presence and heard his voice. It was awesome. So I know how it is when it is only you and God. God's blessings!
Minneapolis, MN

Lana, I have finished your book, Under the Shadow. The first book I have read cover to cover in many years. I was continually blessed as I followed along on your journey. Your book has given me great hope---for the richness of God's word you so powerfully planted and upheld as you faithfully took each new step into each new day. I have come to know Christ in a more meaningful way because of your faithfulness.
Minneapolis, MN

I bought your CD, Reality, my first Christian CD. I listen to it over and over and it gives me hope. I went to your Hope concert alone and what I needed that night was hope. Your songs sang to my heart. Tonight was a celebration for me as I let go of the past and start my new life with God.
Minneapolis, MN

Lana, I can't even begin to tell you the effect this book is having on me. It is beautifully written! Powerful! Filled with grace and truth. You are a beautiful writer!
Minneapolis, MN

Your testimony, the words you chose, and your music is not only a blessing for you, but for all those who are privileged to hear it. To hear about your accident was very moving, yet you managed to put us at ease by mixing a little humor in. How you can find the courage to do so is inspiring. You made me realize that keeping my faith strong is more important than anything. I am proud of the example you set for so many, especially the youth. May God continue to bless you abundantly!
Waterville, MN

That was one of the best evenings I have spent in the US. Mark and his wife are really talented and gifted. Not only that, they have beautiful hearts, too, which makes their music even more appealing.
Rochester, MN

In July 2004 my father went into the hospital. We were told he was dying. The Lord directed me to your CD, Bless The Day. I got on my knees and prayed and listened and then the song "I'll Pray You On Your Way" came on. I knew when I heard this song that something was going to happen. Especially the words 'I know the hurt is hard your heart is close to giving up.' I was the one to tell my father he was dying and I was able to tell him how much we all loved him and how much Jesus loved him. And when I asked him if he loved Jesus, he said yes. He went home to be with the Lord that day. Praise God!
Minneapolis, MN

I so thoroughly enjoyed your concert last night at Crystal Evangelical Free Church. I could sense God's spirit in you as you sang and shared with us. You just radiated God's love and I could feel your love for Him as you sang. Some of the things I especially enjoyed about the concert were: your use of scripture, your love for your wife and parents that shone through, the words of your songs, your testimony, and last, but certainly not least---your incredibe VOICE! I enjoy concerts so much more when people share about themselves. It makes it so much more "real".
Minneapolis, MN

I brought your new CD into work today for my Health and Wellness group that is held on the Rehab. unit. One particular man, Jim, had suffered a severe stroke and still has his trach in. He is able to swallow only applesauce and raspberry ice at this time (fed by his wife).

Today Jim was very unresponsive all morning. Jim's wife was in tears as she could not even get him to smile at her. I gently asked them if they would like to join us for the group. To my pleasant surprise, they joined us and I proceeded to share your story with them. As I spoke, Jim became more and more expressive facially. He started to smile at me. By the time we were playing "Great is thy Faithfulness", he was looking at his wife, smiling up at her, reaching out to her and just beaming!

As the group was ending and I was packing up my things, his wife opened up some applesauce and placed it in front of Jim and turned to get rid of the lid. To our great surprise, Jim picked up the spoon and began feeding himself applesauce! He had never done that before! Something about your story, something about the hope of Jesus touched this man and he found the courage to keep fighting. Go forward faithful servant!
Burnsville, MN

Lana, your warmth and love come through on these pages of Under The Shadow, but more importantly the warmth and love of God speak out to the reader. What testimonies your family has to share with the world! God bless you and Dave and Mark and Leah as you continue on the "up side" of a treacherous journey.
Minneapolis, MN

Mark, I had to write to say how your mother's book has ministered to me. I picked it up at Northwestern and started reading it last Sunday morning, even on the way to church. I have been ministered to by the encouraging strength and witness of your mom and yourself during your time of recovery, the relevant and awesome scripture that she uses throughout the book and the amazing way God worked in your life at that time and the reality of the healing that was constantly going on! I sent a copy off to Australia as I have a friend there who is very interested in reading it. I hope and pray you are continuing to do well!
Coon Rapids, MN

I really enjoyed the book Lana wrote. I brought it to our cabin and couldn't put it down till I was done with it. God has a great story through all the valleys you and your mom and family have been through. (The CD) Bless the Day is so awesome. I bought it for my friend who was dying of acute leukemia. I was so glad that it was your music she was listening to when she went to be with Jesus. Blessing to you.
Burnsville, MN

Thank you! Two months ago I was in a car accident. Seeing you in concert many times (in the past) helped me get through things. While I was in the ambulance only one song went through my head, and that was Bless the Day!! Now, after reading the book that I received for Christmas, I wanted to say thank you!!
Fridley, MN

I want you to know how much I appreciate your book and your openess in it. When I read it I marvel again at our God. I am amazed at your family's faith and strength. You taught me that effective prayer isn't always on-your-face intercession; powerful, before the Throne, praying can be done in whispers of the heart all day long. Thank you for this amazing work of Grace.
Brooklyn Park, MN

Heard at recent concerts:

"Yours (Lana's) is the best book I have ever read. I became very ill shortly after reading it and your book and the scriptures you mentioned got me through. I just had to come and say, thank you."

"I can't understand why someone with Mark's talent isn't on every Christian radio station in the nation! He's the best there is! People need to hear Mark!."

"I couldn't put your book down! I read until I was finished at 5:00 a.m. What a testimony of God's healing power at work today!"


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