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Summer/Fall, 2010
What an exciting and eventful year it has been so far and there is more to come! The CD, The Miracle of Christmas, which I did with Mary Beth Carlson was a wonderful project and so well received! We had a lot of fun creating some new songs and re-imagining some of the classics.

As you know, my whole family gets involved in productions at North Heights. For The Christmas Window, my mom, again, played the part of the Grandma (a lead role) and my Dad sang in the choir. Leah was a talking/singing snowwoman and had a lot of fun bringing laughter to the audience in that role. Jude and Estella were little cups. They did a great job!

In the Easter production, The Thorn, Mom and Dad again were involved; Dad in the choir and mom playing an angel, complete with gigantic wings. Leah brought incredible talent to her powerful solos and Estella ran to Jesus on stage in her role as the "Twirl Girl". Jude was excited to get on stage every night in costume as he played "Palm Boy" and passed out palm branches to members of the audience in the market scene.

For Freedom Celebration, once again I directed the event and we all were involved as one of many families within a larger family.

Being a member of the choir and production teams at North Heights really does mean being a member of a family. We all laugh, cry and pray together. It is a wonderful dynamic. That is why, when I was asked to take on the role of the Producer for North Heights productions and to do that with Leah by my side, we jumped at the opportunity! So, now we are a team at home and a team in the workplace. Together we are busy planning for the future of productions at North Heights. Please do pray for us as we seek to glorify our Lord by producing worthy and excellent productions that minister in His name.

We are creating an entirely new Christmas production for 2010 called "Hallelujah!" and Leah and I will host the event and sing some of the solos. I look forward to telling you more about that in the months to come.

If you are a member of North Heights or do not currently have a church home, consider joining us in the productions or singing in the choir I direct. We have a lot of fun!

Another exciting adventure unfolding is that Shane Wiebe, Jason Catron and myself have taken our Christian Tenors to another level. We are now called Sing! Presents Tenore! I have just returned from Nashville where we finished recording a wonderful new CD. I really can't explain how amazed I was the first time we sat in the studio to listen to it. The orchestra was recorded in Prague; wish I could've gone along. Truly amazing and inspiring! We are so pleased with the outcome and can't wait to make it available to you in early October.

The founder of Sing! Presents Tenore is Jill Ann Siemens. Jill Ann also founded the platinum selling Canadian Tenors. Shane, Jason and I are excited to be working with Jill Ann; experiencing her vision and benefiting from her professional expertise.

We have had a great time touring in Canada. While we will travel a great deal in Canada, we are planning concerts in the USA also. If you are a member of a large church or are planning an event for a large group, let us know and we will see if we can come and sing for you!

In other news, my mom has a new book out, The House on Spearmint Lane. You can visit her new website at

As you can see, life is busy; full and rewarding. We give all glory to God for all He has orchestrated in our lives and relationships and for the rewarding ways He allows us to use our talents in ministry.

Stay tuned and stay connected because you are a blessing to me!

Winter, 2009
The past months have been a whirlwind. My new album with Mary Beth Carlson is releasing and I'm very proud of it. Christmas music just makes me smile and it really is the most wonderful time of the year. I hope you enjoy our new creation! Buy lots of gifts!!!

The Christmas Window is soon to open at North Heights Lutheran Church in Arden Hills. We're excited that two other churches are producing this show North Heights wrote in December. One in Maryland and one in Texas. We wish them all the best! This year I will get to direct and sing with American Idol Finalist, Phil Stacey. He has been touring with Michael W Smith and we are excited to have him join our cast. My whole family gets involved in this production. This year my mom will once again play the Grandma (a lead role) and my Dad will sing in the Choir. Leah is playing a talking/singing snowwoman and Jude and Estella are little cups in the show stopping Be Our Guest.

In January I am heading back up to Canada...I guess it's more over to Vancouver, for a couple of events with the tenors and to prepare for our recording which we will do in February in Nashville. Our debut CD will release in May 2010.

Lots going on. I hope to see you in December at one of many Christmas concerts.

Please be sure to join me Friday, December 18 at North Heights for the 5th Annual Christmas This Year Concert. Check out the Events page for all the details on Christmas concerts. Merry Christmas!


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