Mark David Williams

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In You Alone
Mark David Williams

In the quiet moments I realize that You alone are God
In the waking hours I falter in the struggles of the day
The busyness of life often takes Your place till I am forced
To step aside and call upon Your grace

Forgive me Lord for needing you as seldom as I think I do
I have come to realize my only hope is found in You

CHORUS: In You alone I find rest for my soul
In You alone there is peace I've never known
In You alone

In my desperation I always find the time to pray to You
As I reach for mercy I hear Your voice speak peace into my life
Joy into my heart, calling me to fly into Your arms
Where I am safe and free from hurt inside

You care for me and always have the answers I am searching for
You are my hiding place, my shelter in the raging storm - CHORUS

I find my strength, I find my joy, I find my place in You alone
I find my hope, I find my rest, I find my way in You alone

©2000 Five Foot Drift Music/BMI


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