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I'll Pray You On Your Way
(Psalm 20)
Matthew S. Garinger

I know the road is long so I will walk that extra mile
Pray that you'll stay strong and carry on through every trial
Search your heart you'll find the faith the Savior left for you
Know that where you go I will go there too

CHORUS: I'll pray you on your way
May the angels keep you safe
Your name will be spoken to the Father in Heaven
With every step you take
I'll pray you on your way

I know the hurt is hard your heart is close to giving up
I've been where you are and felt so far from Heaven's love
Even in your darkest night God's grace will light your way
The sun will shine again, do not be afraid - CHORUS

Follow your heart, I'll stand beside you
No matter how far your dreams may run
I'll be the one that your heart can turn to
I'll be your strength if that's what it comes to - CHORUS

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