Mark David Williams

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(Matthew 5:16, 1 Peter 5:4)
Mark David Williams, Matthew S. Garinger

Paint me a portrait of how life should be
Color my soul Ôtil there's nothing that's me
Frame me and hang me your glory displayed
I promise not to fade

Lord, I know you've trusted me with your life
You've made me a beacon of heavenly light
I will not hide it, I won't be afraid
I promise not to fade

You said I'd never run this race alone
And you promise one day that I'll make it home
So I will keep trusting Ôtil I reach your gates
Then I'll be made new as the old me just fades

©2003 Five Foot Drift Music/Christian Taylor Music (a div. of Daywind Music Publishing)/BMI. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.


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