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Come Love, Meet Life
(Psalm 42:1-2, 1 John 4:16)
Mark David Williams, Matthew S. Garinger, Kevin Stokes

Love, soft as a pillow, warm as a blanket,
fragile as a vase
Life, hard as a mountain, cold as December
on a bitter day

Nothing shared in common
But somehow that's forgotten when
This love meets life Come love, meet life

CHORUS: Cover me with mercy as I lay my burdens down
Let me rest my head and sleep upon the sacred ground
Carry me to safety where forgiveness can be found
Come love meet life, come love meet life

Love, gracious and giving, so understanding
when life makes no sense
Life, full of conditions, stands in resistance
when I've reached the end

And though I don't deserve it
And I shouldn't even ask it, please
Come love, meet life, come love, meet life - CHORUS

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