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Can I Call Him Son
Matthew S. Garinger

You told me in a dream that I would be
Father to your son, Father to my king
You placed this child, your very life into my hands
But still I have these questions I don't understand
Help me to understand

Can I call him son?
Will he call me dad?
Will we share the same love my Father and I had?
Can I hold him close when he falls down?
And when he grows older will he still want me around?
Should I punish him or bow to him?
Kiss his head or will it offend the angels now surrounding him?
Lord, can I call him son?

I can't believe my eyes, God, is it really him?
Am I to be his Father, Lord, or just pretend?
What is there to teach he won't already know?
Should I lay down the rules or just accept my role?
Father, what is my role?



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