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After A Fall
(Lamentations 3:19-27)
Matthew S. Garinger

There's a point when living's not enough
Hope takes too much out of me
I tell myself just don't give up
But sometimes faith seem just beyond my reach

And yet with every tear that falls
I feel like one cry closer to understanding mercy
for myself

CHORUS: I'm just a man after a fall
I've bruised and bled I've seen it all
But then again haven't we all failed to stand
and been forced to crawl
Well if my knees are scraped it's cause I crawled

There are times when faith and fear collide
Moments I am strong and yet so weak
I'm thankful every day I've got
Another chance to live, to laugh, to dream

And with every dawn that breaks
I know I'm one day closer to understanding mercy
for myself - CHORUS

If my hands are bruised it's cause I crawled
If my arms are tired it's cause I crawled
But if not for grace I'd not be here at all
I'm just a man after a fall

©2003 Christian Taylor Music (a div. of Daywind Music Publishing)/BMI. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.


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